Local Personal Injury Lawyers Near Livingston County MI

The lawyers from Gerkin & Decker, P.C. are experienced and knowledgeable. We represent clients throughout Michigan, and have an office centrally located in Livingston County. If you are the victim of negligence, you may need to speak with a lawyer to fully understand your rights and legal options. We offer a free initial consultation and can schedule a consultation at our office or a convenient location near you.

Civil Litigation Attorneys - In and Out of the Courtroom

personal injury lawyersWhen faced with a potential litigation matter, you need to have an attorney that is well versed in both negotiation and trial. We prepare every case with the possibility that it may head to a potential trial. If you are facing a breach of contract, property dispute or issue with a tenant or landlord, contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation. Our primary focus is to obtain a favorable outcome for our clients. If you are in a disagreement that requires legal resolution, call us. We handle a variety of disputes between individuals, corporations, LLC's, business partners, and other parties.

Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys

Victims of accidents, and their immediate families understand the financial and emotional problems that arise following and accident You should not be held financially responsible when someone else is to blame for your injuries. The attorneys from Gerkin & Decker, P.C. provide professional counseling to victims and victims families.

Excellent attorney, I would highly recommend Attorney Decker to anyone that is looking for a very competent attorney. He does an excellent job of representing clients. Call Ryan and you will see for yourself!*